Evaporating Enrollment Published

The Rural Data Journalism Project has published its first story and interactive graphics in collaboration with a group of newspapers in New York. Read Evaporating Enrollment: Can New York’s Rural School Districts Survive here or on sites that partnered in this effort.


Local Journalists

Local news professionals, librarians and civic leaders identify and rank topics important to their communities.

Rural Data Portal

Using the data.world collaboration platform, topics of high local interest are matched to related public data sets.

Data Scientists

A growing open data community is making public data more accessible than ever. Data visualization tools allow people to have a localized view into broader topics.

Deliverance Blog

We’re just getting started

The project will deliver more relevant, detailed and timely information to local audiences who increasingly have less access to community news. The project connects journalists, librarians and other outlets for community information with a centralized store of data and visualizations on topics relevant to rural communities.

Iowa Voter Registration and Local Weather Extremes are basic examples of how data from the Rural Data Journalism project can be localized.

Check back on our progress.

Team Deliverance at Phillip Smith’s News Foundry entrepreneurship event backed by the Lenfest Institute at the Philadelphia Inquirer.