How to embed the New York education package on decreasing enrollment

Abstract: This story and data visualizations trace the decline of public school enrollment over the past 25 years in the vast majority of New York’s rural school districts. The work, which also explores creative ways districts have met this challenge, is free for use by news and community organizations provided credit is given. All parts of the package are EMBARGOED until 12:01 a.m. April 28, 2019.

The main story covers the overall trend with interviews from subject matter experts ranging from state officials to teachers. You can read the story at . If prompted, the password is “rural”.

The main data visualization is an interactive state map showing school district boundaries with an insert graphic showing the recent futility of merger attempts. The map is color-coded with red showing districts that have lost students in the past 25 years and green showing the mostly urban and suburban areas where there were gains. Hovering over a district displays the raw enrollment numbers and percent of gain or loss.

Localized data visualizations show a single county or small collection of counties. A map appears at the top of the interactive graphic. Clicking on a district displays a specific districts enrollment history by grade level, allowing a comparison between elementary and secondary class sizes.

To use this content follow the instructions below:

1-Download the story text

Download the editorial copy in plain text by clicking here.

2-Embed the state map visualization

Note: We don’t recommend putting the state map and county visualization on the same web page. Neither will be cached so performance may suffer with both being called.

Download the code snippet to insert on your site in plain text by clicking here.

3-Embed a visualization of your local county or counties

Select the county you are interested in and follow the instructions below the map to embed the graphic on your site.

Create a local visualization to embed on your site by selecting a county from the dropdown menu above.

When the county you want is loaded, click the share icon at the bottom right corner of the map.

When the download dialog appears, click the embed code text area and copy the code into your clipboard. Paste this code into your page. You can display a collection of counties by sending a comma-delimited list by editing the filter parameter. For example: param name=’filter’ value=’County=jefferson,lewis’

4-Check the data

If you want to access the raw data used for this package you can use the download link at the bottom of the visualizations. Be aware that some data records are duplicates because some district boundaries include more than one geographic shape joined to the data. The data display is not duplicated. The data file used was a compilation of individual year files available on the New York State Education Department statistics site.

The data source can be found here:

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